In this blog you will find my reflections on a diverse group of writers who share the one distinction of having, in their time, suitably impressed that notorious band of Scandinavians in Stockholm to have been awarded their famous prize. I write here about their works, some of which rank among the books I love above all others, some of which I find elusive.  You will also encounter my thoughts on other, non-Nobel writers who, if Stockholm were ever to lean its ear my way, would be made indispensable to the roster. Many artists, composers and filmmakers have been inspired by the works of the laureates and have collaborated with them, either directly or indirectly (i.e., posthumously).  I will be writing about them and their work as well.  Finally, you will be reading my ruminations on the nature of the prize itself and why, in spite of its stunning blunders, it maintains the capacity to fascinate.  I write, not as a critic, but as your garden variety serious reader, embarked on a lifelong reading odyssey.  I hope you will be inspired to join the conversation.  Enjoy.